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GEAA Mission
Advancing Geothermal Energy

We are the Geothermal Energy Advancement Association "GEAA" a stakeholder driven association that advocates increased investment for the development of Geothermal Energy and increased awareness of this sustainable source as the only true near zero-carbon baseload energy for power, heat and hot water.
The Association is a not-for-profit organisation offering peer review, leadership and a dialogue in the energy transition debate. GEAA is a voice for all and is open to all those interested in advancing geothermal energy and all those interested in supporting the role in transitioning to a world using less fossil fuels with a clear objective of reducing carbon emissions and helping reverse the alarming effects of Climate Change and support global initiatives like the UN Paris Climate Accord.

A Sustainable Future with Geothermal Energy

 “Geothermal is a sustainable, secure and affordable energy for both the developed and developing world is a key target for the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals."


Delivery - of such a goal is tough and yet there is one energy source, Geothermal, that delivers big time in terms of its sustainability and security and yet is widely disregarded and little developed globally.


Sustainability - humans just don’t have the power to cool the Earth. Secure - every nation on Earth has the natural resource of geothermal energy underground.

Low impact - development of Geothermal Energy requires no exotic minerals and has ultra-low emissions of GHGs and can deliver 24/7, great base load.


Cost - Geothermal development costs maybe considered high, however, Geothermal today does not sit on a level playing field when comparing our only true baseload energy that can provide long term resilience, security and sustainability to the vulnerability of other renewables which are discontinuous and require other ancillary systems to operate.  


Scalability - We have decades of subsurface experience within our global Oil and Gas sector that can accelerate the transition away from fossil fuels using the abundance of skills, innovation and know being assembled behind GEAA to advance Geothermal Energy into the Geothermal Decade..”


Prof. Jon Gluyas,

GEAA Founding President


The challenges we face

“The challenge of climate change will dominate the world we live in for decades. Overcoming this whilst building a lower carbon world and maintaining economic growth represents a challenge never faced before.   With a rapidly growing global population, the challenges include providing more clean heat and power, as well as reduced emissions and pollution.

Many solutions are needed to create energy security for future generations. Geothermal must play its role in a cleaner, decarbonised world, embracing ESG whilst creating quality jobs.


GEAA seeks to make all governments, institutions, companies, businesses & individuals fully aware of the benefits and role of geothermal in an energy transition. Driven from its members and Sector Working Groups the driving force for tackling these challenges. We therefore encourage you to become an active GEAA member.”


Chris Sladen P.hD. CBE

GEAA Chair Founding Members


Courtesy: Chris Sladen Roman Thermal Baths Bath UK

Heat makes up >50% of our Global Energy Use


Source: IRENA -2019

Geothermal can get us there


Often viewed as the "Star" prize, MWe can be one of the outputs
under the right conditions and contribute to on or off grid.


The most efficient form of Heat for District Heating Networks and Cooling is achieved via direct heat from Geothermal


The potential of Geothermal Energy is not limited to Power and Heat, it extends across a cascade of other outputs including Green Hydrogen, Desalination, Agri & Aqua Culture.

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