Updated: Apr 11, 2021

Hear from members of the CeraPhi Energy team discussing Deep Geothermal, the challenges and possibilities.

Here at CeraPhi Energy we are excited about out first in a series of webinars that will explore and explain the potential of Geothermal Energy, anywhere, and the role it can play in helping government's achieve their ambitious Net Zero targets. In this first webinar some of the CeraPhi team will be interviewed in a "sofa style" chat to answer questions posed by the moderator and those of the audience, who can ask their questions ahead of the event. We are especially pleased to have as the moderator Beth Suckling, Arkwright Engineering Scholar 2020 from the University Technical College Norfolk. Beth is an outstanding achiever and represents engineers of the future. We will discuss Geothermal Energy's role in the transition from fossil fuels to clean green energy, how it will help in the natural re-skilling of the workforce, the Cascade of outputs achievable through our new technologies which includes Green Hydrogen, Direct Heat Networks, Cooling, Power, Desalination, Agriculture and the almost unlimited scalability of the process. Join us for an hour or so on the 29th April at 14:00 GMT, register here or visit our partners, EEEGR website via their events page.

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